Drink Menu

This is a sample menu only. Subject to change.

Japanese Craft Beer
Hitachino 11.2oz bottles 13
Red Rice Ale / White Ale / Anbai Sour Plum

YOHO Brewing Co. 11.8oz cans 12
Umami IPA / Wednesday Cat, Belgian White Ale

“Nama”Draft Beer 16oz
Belgian Abbey Ale, Ocean View, Albany CA 8
Little Hill IPA, Elevation 66, El Cerrito CA 8
Ramble Tamble Red Ale, Elevation 66, El Cerrito CA 8
Sapporo Premium 7

Japanese Kanpai Whisky
Suntory Toki 12 (light-bodied/fruity/sweet)
Iwai Mars 14 (sweet/pear/caramel)
Kikori Rice 15 (light/smooth/cinnamon)
Kaiyo Mizunara Oak 16 (cherry/vanilla/ripe dried fruit)
Nikka Coffey Grain 16 (mellow/sweet/complex)
Oishi Rice 19 (floral/bright/warm)

Tokyo Highballs
choice of japanese whisky served with either ginger beer and shiso or sparkling water and lemon
individually priced as above

Signature Cocktails
Smoked Pear 13
tequila, st. george spiced pear liqueur allspice dram, lemon, mezcal spritz

Shiso Smash 14
bourbon, yuzu, shiso, simple syrup

Japanese Hot Toddy 15
japanese whisky, kuromitsu honey lemon, cloves

Sendai Mule 14
bulleit bourbon, cocchi americano, yuzu, ginger beer

Natsukashii 15
vodka, fernet, quince, lime

Pink Elephant 13
vodka, falernum, cherry liqueur, triple sec, lime

Japanese Mojito 12
ikkomon shochu, shiso, yuzu, simple syrup, sparkling water

Zakuro Martini 14
mezcal, campari, pomegranate

Dealer’s Choice
bartender’s cocktail of the day
price varies

House Crafted Mocktails
Yuzu Lime-ade 7
yuzu, lemon, lime, sugar, sparkling water

Eastside Breeze 7
shiso, cucumber, lime, sugar, sparkling water

Pomegranate Spritz 7
pomegranate, lemon, sugar sparkling water

Looseleaf Tea
Teance, Fourth Street, Berkeley
450ml teapot 4.50 | 700ml teapot 7
Green: Genmaicha (toasty/comforting)
Green: Sencha (marine/viscous/buoyant)
Golden Oolong (sweet/licorice/honeysuckle)
Herbal: Lavender Mint (sensuous/soothing)
Premium Cold Brew: Rose Red (aromatic/cheerful) $4 gl

French Press Coffee
Artís, Fourth Street, Berkeley
small 4 | large 7 | Regular & Decaf

Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Coca~Cola/Diet Coke/Sprite 3.50
Fentimans Ginger Beer 4
Fentimans Mandarin & Seville Orange Soda 4
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water, 750ml 7