The soul of our cooking comes from four ingredients you’ll never see on any menu: long rains, cold winds, typhoons, and snow.

For centuries these conditions have shaped the flavors, textures and cooking techniques of Japan’s Tohoku region, which we know fondly as the boyhood home of our executive chef Shotaro Kamio. Now, while our food won’t have you tasting freshly fallen rain water or feeling the softness of winter’s first snow on your tongue, you probably will recognize many of the simple, locally-sourced ingredients we use.

But regardless of what goes into our dishes, what comes out of our kitchen has its roots elsewhere. You’ll find them in Chef Sho’s own experience of growing up sharing rustic comfort foods with his large extended family. In learning traditional cooking methods at his mother’s side in the family’s ramen shop. And in the belief that enjoying and sharing food can be, well, comforting and even healing. Not because it’s a rarified experience reserved for special occasions. But for just the opposite reason—because coming together to feed and nourish ourselves is such a mundane, grounding practice. And one best enjoyed—we think—in good company.

So bring your friends, your family and your appetite. Our kitchen is open to you, and our table is your table.